"Brian's special ingredient is simple: sincerity."

Allison B. | London, UK

Based in Los Angeles,  Wilmott Productions is an

acclaimed wedding cinematography studio.

WILMOTT PRODUCTIONS was founded by independent filmmaker, Brian Andrew Wilmott. The studio has established itself as a leader in filming destination weddings, and has recently expanded into the luxury market.


Rooted in his love for filmmaking and visual storytelling, Brian provides an exclusive service, from start to finish. Adhering to a human approach, he has earned the trust and satisfaction of clientele around the world.

A premier cinematography studio, Wilmott Productions has had the privilege of filming weddings at prestigious venues around the world, and is proud to be the preferred cinematographer at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in Beverly Hills. In addition to weddings, Wilmott Productions films private events.


Cinematic Video Production

destination weddings - luxury weddings - private events

"Brian took time to get to know our family, and treated our wedding like a great occasion, rather than just a 'video shoot.'"

Sarah & John | Dublin, Ireland

My Philosophy

Our lives are a collection of moments and memories, yet I find that some of our most cherished experiences are fleeting  - enjoyed today, gone tomorrow, and revived only by recollection, as time goes by. Inspired by the innate beauty of friendship, love, and life - and the invaluable moments that are associated with each - I utilize the moving image to ensure these are captured, at your wedding or personal event. Preserving these memories allows for vibrant recollection, in the years that follow.


Disfavoring mediocrity, I have a refined approach to video production. My workflow centers around two key principles: cinematic artistry and human sensibility. I am more than just a "videographer." I'm a "filmmaker," which denotes my creativity, passion, and professionalism.

In crafting each film, I favor a personal approach, rather than a strict formula. This ensures that your film is truly tailored to you - a profoundly special memento, for a lifetime and beyond.


Brian A. Wilmott

Owner + Filmmaker

Wilmott Productions

"Brian becomes personally invested in each client.

He connects with them, and truly cares. It's evident in his films."

Brandy A. | San Diego, USA

Moments. Emotions. Memories.


Since the early 20th century, stories of love have been imprinted on film. And although film stock has now been replaced with digital video, the beauty of the moving image remains constant.


On your wedding day, professional video will be a particularly engaging complement to your photographs. Candid moments, raw emotions, and special memories...captured and preserved, for a lifetime and beyond.


Every frame paints a story - a story of friendship, of love, of life. 

Let Wilmott Productions tell your story.

Love Story Film



Rather than look at a wedding day as an "event," I choose to focus on what it represents: the culmination of two individuals' love, trust, and respect for each other. 


For romantic couples, my signature "Love Story Film" has proven to be particularly popular, especially among destination wedding clientele. Presented as a short-form cinematic video, your Love Story film is artistic, emotive, story-driven, and unabashedly romantic! It reflects your love, relationship, and personality. 


As a filmmaker, I am a storyteller - your personal storyteller, on your wedding day! As such, I aim to provide you with a uniquely engaging - and timeless - wedding memento, of great sentimental value. In crafting each film, I favor a personal approach, rather than a strict formula. It's fun and enriching to become acquainted with a newly-engaged couple. Learning about you will help me produce a handcrafted Love Story film that represents you.


Love Story

unabashedly romantic


Extended Love Story

an extended version of my signature product 


"Passion aside, Brian is so sincere. He goes above and beyond,

and learns about each couple, and their personal story."

Nikki T. | Los Angeles, USA

Celebration Film



A new "highlight" film option, for wedding and event clientele...


Celebration Film

a cinematic "highlight" film

Ideal for luxury wedding/event clientele.

Encapsulates your wedding/event celebration, while also incorporating décor, guest experience, dancing, etc.


sample coming soon


"Brian was such a pleasure to work with, and the consummate professional."

Heather B. | Los Angeles, USA

Customized Package



To further personalize your film package, I offer a handful of add-on options, for wedding and event clientele, including popular long-form Archival Videos, and more. Please contact me to learn more about service details and add-on options.


"So much care, affection, professionalism, and sensitivity..."

Alfredo A. | Lisbon, Portugal

As a boutique cinematography studio,

Wilmott Productions accepts a limited number of weddings and events each year. Please inquire early, to ensure availability.


"Brian is most talented, and a very nice person. His films are amazing.

I will absolutely be turning people on to him, for events in their life."

Tina Marie B. | Los Angeles, USA

"Pure talent and heart...

unique...truly one of a kind."

L.A. Bridal Magazine

"Brian's films are top-notch...truly professional. I highly recommend him."

Natalie Y. | San Diego, USA

Brian A. Wilmott

owner + filmmaker - Wilmott Productions

A native of Los Angeles, I've always been intrigued by the moving image, be it home movies or feature films. Over time, I developed an appreciation for visual storytelling. After studying film production & videography in high school and college, I began working as a camera operator and videographer for local productions, including independent cinema, music videos, marketing campaigns, and events.


As years went by, I realized I wanted to pursue more fulfilling projects - projects that would inspire me, and allow me to further tap into my creativity...projects that would fully satisfy my lifelong passion for visual storytelling. So, I founded Wilmott Productions, which has afforded me the special privilege of providing a meaningful service and product for couples, their families, and other clientele.

Away from the camera, I like to indulge my introspective side: improvising on the piano, watching a beautifully-crafted drama film, listening to music, admiring nature, learning about world cultures, and just being enthralled by the beauty of the human condition.


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