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"Brian took time to get to know our family...
treated our wedding like a great occasion."

 Sarah & John | Dublin, Ireland
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Your wedding day is more than just an event -

it's the culmination of your love and relationship.

Inspired by cinema - and the innate beauty of friendship, love, and life - I utilize the moving image to capture and evoke the spirit of each couple. My aim is to provide you with a film that reflects your collective personality, and provides context of your relationship and love story - a film that represents you. It will serve as a uniquely personal memento, for a lifetime and beyond.

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Brian A. Wilmott

Owner + Filmmaker

Wilmott Productions

With cinematic artistry and human sensibility,

Brian captures and preserves the joy, romance, and adventure

of your luxury destination wedding celebration...

Mia & Adam - "Trailer"

Florence, Italy



destination weddings






European nations:

Lauren & Charles - "Trailer"

Florence, Italy

Featured Testimonial

“Prior to our destination wedding in Italy, Brian had exceptional communication through phone and email, which helped relieve my 'bride anxiety.' By the time we finally met in person, Brian had already spent weeks researching logistics and additional locations. He was a pleasure to be around, and went above and beyond the call of duty.

Brian’s films look like big-budget motion pictures, yet still maintain a romantic and sentimental core. It’s pure genius! He has a gift. When my husband and I sat down to watch our film, we were blown away! I can’t even begin to express the gratitude our family has for all that he has captured and preserved for us on our special day. Our package also included a 'trailer' and 'archival videos.'

To a bride-to-be: I can honestly say that your wedding day will truly be one of the best days of your life. However, it goes by in the blink of an eye. Having a high-quality film is critical. Yes, photos are great for your wall, but your film captures the true emotions and memories of the day, and your personality. 


Early in our planning, we had reviewed our budget and considered cutting out video altogether. Thank god we didn’t, because Brian was worth every penny. If you are even considering hiring him, take my advice and do it! You will be blown away by his talent and what you receive!”

Amanda P.

Sarasota, Florida - USA

Jordan & Matt - "Trailer"

Como, Italy

a collection of romantic "sneak peeks"

April & Nick

Riva del Garda, Italy

Mia & Adam

Florence, Italy

Amanda & Shane

Amalfi, Italy

Jordan & Matt

Como, Italy

Jeanine & José

Madrid, Spain

Hannah & Dipesh

San Antonio, Texas - USA

Diana & Dean

Ravello, Italy

Suvi & Brendan

Barcelona, Spain

Alexis & Robert

Lucca, Italy

Lauren & Charles

Florence, Italy

Megan & Kyle

Granada, Spain

Lindsay & Bryan

Siena, Italy

Victoria & Nick

Gavorrano, Italy

Jennifer & Richard 

London, United Kingdom

Beth & Marlen

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Marianna & Michael

San Gimignano, Italy

Maria & Tristan (Teaser)

Lisbon, Portugal

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"Such a pleasure to work with - 

the consummate professional."

Heather B. | Los Angeles, USA

"His films are top-notch...truly professional. I highly recommend him."

Natalie Y. | San Diego, USA

"Brian took time to get to know our family...

he treated our wedding like a great occasion."

Sarah & John | Dublin, Ireland

"...the BEST decision we made!

If you're having a wedding abroad, we highly recommend Brian!"

Lauren & Mark | Calgary, Canada

"So much care, affection,

professionalism, and sensitivity."

Alfredo A. | Lisbon, Portugal

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credited in

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Highlight Films
unabashedly romantic short films

Jordan & Matt

Como, Italy

Amanda & Shane

Amalfi, Italy

Maria & Tristan

Lisbon, Portugal

Suvi & Brendan

Barcelona, Spain

Kristin & David

Santa Barbara, California

Sarah & John

Cork, Ireland

Alexis & Robert

Lucca, Italy

Amy & Paul

Florence, Italy

Victoria & Nick

Gavorrano, Italy

Jeanine & José

Madrid, Spain

Lauren & Mark

Gougane Barra, Ireland

Sarah & Robert

Dublin, Ireland

Moments.  Emotions.  Memories.

Since the early 20th century, stories of love have been imprinted on film. And although film stock has now been replaced with digital video, the beauty of the moving image remains. 


Our lives are a collection of moments and memories, yet I find that some of our most cherished experiences are fleeting  - enjoyed today, gone tomorrow - revived only by recollection, as time goes by. For your wedding celebration, professional video will be a particularly engaging complement to your photographs, allowing for vibrant recollection in the years that follow.

Filming weddings has afforded me the special privilege of providing a meaningful service and product, for couples and their families. In crafting each film, I always favor a personal approach. This ensures that your film is truly tailored to you.



My workflow centers around two key principles: cinematic artistry and human sensibility. With my unobtrusive filming style, I capture and preserve your day's invaluable moments, raw emotions, and special memories. However, I am more than just a "videographer" - I'm a "filmmaker," which denotes my creativity, passion, and professionalism.

Learn about my post-production process, below.

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Editing is the unsung hero of any film or video production - including Hollywood movies. In fact, it's generally more time and labor-intensive than filming! With that said, I never outsource the editing. 

Disfavoring mediocrity, I personally conduct all of the post-production at my Vancouver-area studio, for every "trailer" and "highlight film."


My comprehensive post-production entails the following processes: preservation of all recorded content (video + audio), reviewing all recorded content, syncing video and audio, conceptualizing, trimming, cutting/assembly, color correction/grading, music licensing, sound editing/design, audio mixing/mastering, potential aerial footage licensing, and render.

Cinematic Artistry.  Human Sensibility.


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