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Brian has provided professional, personalized video production services to local and international clientele, earning an annual 100% 5-star rating since 2015.

"Brian, thank you so much for your services on the day of our wedding [at Lake Como, Italy]! You captured the beauty of our wedding day in spectacular fashion. Our trailer and film are stunning. Thank you so much for capturing these moments - absolutely breathtaking. It brings us right back to the joy and love we shared with all our guests, on our special day. Your work will continue to put a smile on our faces, and remind us to slow down during the stressful and difficult times in our lives. How fortunate we got to work with a brilliant artist like yourself - you are a creative genius!


Even better, thank you for your friendship, which we will continue to cherish. Your presence made everything so much easier. It was probably the best decision of the entire wedding to hire you. You made us at ease, and your direction and translation helped save the day. We're so grateful that we made a friend out of this entire planning made everything come together for our day. We couldn't have been happier to work with you. You were a blessing the day of! We look forward to keeping in touch, and continuing to follow your journey, through all your amazing projects, around the world. xx"

Jordan and Matt

Denver, Colorado | USA

IMG-7727 2.jpg

with newlyweds, Jordan & Matt

Como, Italy

"[Brian's] work is top-notch. In our eyes, Brian is the best in the business.(video testimonial on left)

Bryan and Lindsay

Toronto, Canada

"Wow, Brian. We are so thankful and humbled by our film. Seriously the most beautiful, profound, and personal recording of our wedding day. Someday, our future grandchildren will get a chance to travel back in time, to this special day, because of you. You have done an amazing job. Thank you for this gift. We are forever grateful. May God bless you more than you have blessed us.

Everybody, you will want Brian to produce your wedding film."

Maria and Tristan

Lisbon, Portugal

"Words cannot express how grateful we are to you. Our film is amazing, and brings us right back to that special day.


I had the honor of working with Brian on my wedding day. Brian captured all the special moments without being intrusive. He created the most wonderful wedding film that brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.


Brian was such a pleasure to work with, and the consummate professional. I recommend Wilmott Productions to any bride looking for an extra special way to capture the memory of her wedding day. Thank you again, Brian!!"

Heather B.

Los Angeles, California | USA

"Having these memories of such a fun and happy day, captured forever in such a vivid and moving way, is something we could never have even imagined! A million happy!


We had a great time with Wilmott Productions over our wedding weekend. Brian was extremely professional at all stages during the day. He was sensitive to our needs, allowing our wedding day to roll without interruptions, letting the day flow naturally. He was open to new ideas, and was very flexible with surprises and when plans changed, taking this in stride. The guests really enjoyed chatting with Brian, who took time to get to know our family, and treated it like a great occasion, rather than just a 'video shoot.'

He was very courteous and kind to all our guests, and fit in with everyone.


The main thing is we were very comfortable with Brian. We definitely recommend Wilmott Productions."

Sarah and John

Dublin, Ireland

"Thank you for putting so much care, affection, professionalism, and sensitivity into [my daughter's film]!"


Alfredo A.

Lisbon, Portugal

"I HIGHLY recommend Brian! He covered my wedding, from prep to the sparkler send-off. Extremely professional and made everyone feel comfortable...not intrusive nor bothersome.  

When Brian sent us the link to our film, we were ecstatic.  Whenever we watch it, we are blown away and overfilled with so much love and joy. His films are top-notch, and truly professional. We could not be more thrilled. It perfectly depicts the most amazing day of our lives!

Originally, we were not going to hire a videographer. Brian happened to be a referral so we thought, let's just give this a try.  So happy we did!  Following the wedding, all we wanted to do was relive the day over again; it just went by too fast!  With our film, we get to relive our wedding day, every day!  

If you are not hiring Brian, you are making a mistake! I highly recommend him for your upcoming wedding!"

Natalie Y.

San Diego, California | USA

"We are so happy to have this memento, to remind us of our incredible Irish [wedding] adventure, and to share with friends and family. We have received countless compliments on our wedding film. We are so happy with it! Every time we watch it, we remember incredible details that could easily have been forgotten. Choosing to have our day filmed is, hands down, the best decision we made! 


Brian captured our wedding in Gougane Barra, Ireland. He is a tenacious, creative, and hard working young filmmaker who is bound to go places! We were not originally planning to have our wedding filmed due to budget constraints. After discussing with Brian, we decided to go ahead with Wilmott Productions. This was the BEST decision we made! Professional, prepared, and flexible, Brian consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to capture all of the little pieces that made our day amazing. Brian has an incredible eye for detail, and his video-editing is amazing. When we were deciding how to capture our wedding abroad, we both felt it was important that we be allowed to be ourselves. There were so many times when we forgot we were even being filmed!

A wise friend told us before we got married that you will only frame and use a few of the wedding photos - the iconic ones that your kids see - but a video will capture the feel, tone, and spirit of the day. They couldn't have been more right! We have lots of photos between our families members of the day, but they don't come close to capturing what our film has captured, which we are so lucky to have. If you are having a wedding abroad, we highly recommend Wilmott Productions!"

Lauren and Mark

Calgary, Canada

"We love [our film]!!! I'm in tears right now!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Brian, for your amazing work! And thank you for being on top of everything. You seriously made this process so positive.


Let me start off by saying that if it had not been for Brian being so detail-oriented we would have had a catastrophic ceremony!
We were not planning on having a videographer for our wedding and at the last minute we received a referral. We met with Brian that same week and signed the contract on the spot. He was not pushy nor did he try to up-sell his services (which we all know happens in the wedding industry often).

Brian contacted our church - being the professional that he is - and went on location to know the rules they had for videographers during the ceremony. He later sent us an email asking if we were aware that our church had double-booked our wedding - same day and same time!!! We would have never known until our wedding day.

Besides that major save, Brian made it so easy for my fiancé and I to enjoy the special moments we had, without feeling like someone was watching every move we made. We cannot thank Brian enough! We thank him so much for being his professional self. We highly recommend him to anyone and everyone." 

Kathya and William

Los Angeles, California | USA

"I cried 5 seconds in! We love [our film]! Thank you for capturing everything so well!


We were so fortunate to find Brian! He was great to work with...professional, kind and very talented. He captured our wedding beautifully, and we wouldn't change a thing about our film.


Brian manages to capture everything you want without being in your face (which I've seen with other wedding videographers)! 

I HIGHLY recommend him. My husband and I will be enjoying our film for a lifetime."


Mandi B.

Los Angeles, California | USA

"I'm one of those girls that likes a good love story. I know when it's a good one because I usually need a tissue.


Brian joined us for my daughter's wedding on Italy's Amalfi Coast. It was truly a pleasure to get to know him. He is a very smart, kind, and talented guy. His films are amazing. I highly recommend him. Thank you, made me cry. One of the best short films I have ever seen. Thank you for capturing her love story."

Darlene C.

Sarasota, Florida | USA

"Thank you for helping to make our wedding day special!...[Our Romance Film] is really wonderful! You did such a fantastic job, and captured all the magic and emotions. We will cherish these memories forever. Thank you!!"

Anais and Andrew

Boston, Massachusetts | USA

"OMG Brian! You did SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!!...WOW!! We are so happy. You are amazing!"


Amanda and Shane

Sarasota, Florida | USA

"You truly are a magic maker...We are so blessed that you were a part of our day, and helped capture the magic in such a beautiful way. Thank you so much! We are truly grateful."


Jennifer and Richard

Houston, Texas | USA

"We cannot thank you enough. We love how candid and heartfelt  our film is. Many thanks and blessings."

Patricia and Jonathan

Los Angeles, California | USA

"Wow!!!! [Our film] is absolutely amazing! We never imagined we would have something like this. We are thrilled! Stunning work."

Kristin and David

Chicago, Illinois | USA

"Brian is most talented, and a very nice person. His work is amazing, and I will absolutely be turning people on to him, for events in their life."

Tina Maria B.

Simi Valley, California | USA

"Brian's films are pure talent and heart. Very classy and unique. Truly one of a kind...precisely the talent I look for, to introduce to our brides."

Lisa Mercurio

Wedding Planner | L.A. Bridal Magazine

"Brian's a filmmaker well worth keeping an eye on."

Debra Tash

Journalist | Citizens Journal, Ventura County

"Brian, I am impressed with your scope, and your combination of visuals and music. You have an excellent sensibility for both."

Ron Grant (1944-2016)

Oscar & Emmy Award-winning composer

"Professional, friendly, and so busy ensuring that not a moment of the day was missed."

Muffin D.

Kildare, Ireland

"Thank you Brian for your beautiful work on our film. We love it!"


Sarah and Robert

Los Angeles, California | USA

"I was able to work alongside Brian at a wedding. I was the photographer, and he was the videographer. I want to thank Brian for communicating with me throughout the day, so we could both get some killer photos and video of the bride and groom. I now refer Brian to my future clients!"

Alexa P.

Wedding Photographer | Lex and the Lotus

"All anyone has to do is meet Brian - or have a fifteen minute conversation with him - and they will sense his passion. If you know someone who needs a cinematographer for a special occasion - such as a destination wedding - check out Brian. Not only does he make lovely films, but he's a nice guy."

Susan E.

Houston, Texas | USA

"Brian, oh my goodness. THANK YOU SO MUCH for our archival video. We sat together and watched our wedding day, from your lens. We saw a few things we missed, recalled moments, and were so emotional. We're elated to have seen it, and the great work you did. Thank you again for capturing our special day!!!"

Jolene and Pete

Los Angeles, California | USA

"Brian is so talented. Couples are very lucky to have such a beautiful timeless piece of art to remember their special day. His work speaks for itself."

Tessa C.

London, UK

“Prior to our wedding in Italy, Brian had exceptional communication through phone and email, which helped relieve my 'bride anxiety.' By the time we finally met in person, Brian had already spent weeks researching logistics and additional locations. He was a pleasure to be around, and went above and beyond the call of duty.

Brian’s films look like big-budget motion pictures, yet still maintain a romantic and sentimental core. It’s pure genius! He has a gift. When my husband and I sat down to watch our film, we were blown away! I can’t even begin to express the gratitude our family has for all that he has captured and preserved for us on our special day. He also provided us with a 'trailer' and 'archival videos.'

To a bride-to-be: I can honestly say that your wedding day will truly be one of the best days of your life. However, it goes by in the blink of an eye. Having a high-quality film is critical. Yes, photos are great for your wall, but your film captures the true emotions and memories of the day, and your personality. 


Early in our planning, we had reviewed our budget and considered cutting out video altogether. Thank god we didn’t, because Brian was worth every penny. If you are even considering hiring him, take my advice and do it! You will be blown away by his talent and what you receive!”


Amanda and Shane

Sarasota, Florida | USA

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