Moments. Emotions. Memories.


Since the early 20th century, stories of love have been imprinted on film. And although film stock has now been replaced with digital video, the beauty of the moving image remains. 


Our lives are a collection of moments and memories, yet I find that some of our most cherished experiences are fleeting  - enjoyed today, gone tomorrow, and revived only by recollection, as time goes by. On your wedding day, professional video will be a particularly engaging complement to your photographs. In addition to providing you with a personal film, I also capture the day's invaluable moments, raw emotions, and special memories. Preserving these will allow for vibrant recollection, in the years that follow.

Disfavoring mediocrity, I have a refined approach to video production. My workflow centers around two key principles: cinematic artistry and human sensibility. I am more than just a "videographer." I'm a "filmmaker," which denotes my creativity, passion, and professionalism.

Filming weddings has afforded me the special privilege of providing a meaningful service and product, for couples and their families. In crafting each film, I always favor a personal approach. This ensures that your film is truly tailored to you.





Editing is the unsung hero of any film or video production - including Hollywood movies. In fact, it is generally more time and labor-intensive than filming! With that said, I never outsource the editing. 

My comprehensive post-production process is conducted entirely in-house (by me), at my Los Angeles studio. Post-production entails the following processes: preservation of all recorded content (video + audio), reviewing all recorded content, syncing video and audio, conceptualizing, trimming, cutting/assembly, color correction/grading, music licensing, sound editing/design, audio mixing/mastering, potential aerial footage licensing, and render.


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